DD, Aged 17

    When people would talk they didn't know what to say which was understandable.  more...


    Mimi - 15 years old

    I lost myself doing stupid things, angry and sad and depressed at everything. I ended up failing my classes, not caring about school, and getting into fights.  more...


    Chelsea - 14 years old

    I stuck my head round the door in the room mum was in, and she looked really ill. I couldn't understand what was happening - one minute my mum was fine and the next she was ill.  more...


    Clair - aged 14

    Something I wish is I could just have one more day with my dad! - to tell him how much I love him and how sorry I am for all the bad things I have said and done to him!  more...


    Nicole - 17 years old

    This time the doctors are unable to operate. He has already had 6 sessions of chemo and is having another 6 sessions. I cannot help feeling I may lose him.  more...


    Rirrif - 15 years old

    I have been staying with my dad because my mom doesn't want me around when she is sick, which is all the time. My dad works at night so I spend a lot of time alone since I'm not with my mom. I'm afraid she is going to die and I'll blame myself for not being there more. more...


    HT - 13 years old

    She has been so strong about this and is keen to put it all behind her.  more...

Liz - 14 years old

My dad has his own little house in the next town away so I go and stay at his house for two days a week. When he's alone I worry about him a lot.

My life was never normal, I was always in trouble or sad or
something along those lines, well I'm still quite like that now, always in
trouble, mouthy but I knew when to be happy and how to be happy.

In the living room, he explained everything to me and my sister. I was
heartbroken when he told me he had cancer. We were a couple of days away from going on holiday, so at least I had something to look forward to.

So he was planned to have an operation the day after we came back on holiday, that's when I knew it was going to be horrible. He told me and my sister that it was only an operation he was having, but he also need radiotherapy. I thought the radiotherapy would get rid of it all. But it didn't. He was due to go back into work in September, but he never did. It is September now and he isn't allowed to go back to work until February next year. It turned out the cancer had grown and he is now having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He has had to have an operation to have a tube through his stomach, so when he has his chemotherapy and his radiotherapy he cant eat because it hurts his through because that's where the cancer is.

He's had a collection of hats before he knew he had cancer, he's still
collecting them, he says he getting ready for no hair.

It hurts me to see my dad in constant pain all the time. I worry about him a lot because he lives by himself, and I live with my mum and my brother and sister, the rest of my brothers and sisters are way older than me so I don't live with them anymore. But my dad has his own little house in the next town away so I go and stay at his house for two days a week. When he's alone I worry about him a lot.

When 'm in school I get into a lot of trouble most of the time, I cant
deny that, its all because I'm cocky and I get very angry a lot of the
time, but I also get upset as well.

I spoke to my teacher about it and she helped me by ringing McMillan
Cancer support, and they gave me this website. Telling someone can really make a difference because it’s an extra person to talk to about it.

I like to help others too so take my advise be happy, easier said than done but surround yourself with people who make you happy and smile, yes you have down times but who doesn't so don't be ashamed of being upset, no one can be happy 24/7.

Stay strong sweets, it gets better Xx

Page updated 9 October 2017